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SEO vs. Annoying Client – Episode 3

17 Sep


Client: Hi, I know you guys would like me to just trust you with my search engine optimisation but I need to ask you something. Are you building links to my website? I read that you should be doing that.

Consultant: We have a really detailed plan in place and one part of that is posting really helpful content on the internet along with a link to your website.

Client: Oh, well I hope it works, otherwise I am going to just buy SEnuke and get thousands of link, myself. I don’t see why you guys do not use that program, it looks great.

Consultant: I don’t think that would be a good idea. That automated software will flag your site to Google and make it look like spam. It is best to keep everything natural.

Client: The video on their website said it was great.

Consultant: I could put a video on my website that says I don’t think you are a fuckwit, would that make it true?